Ravenous Nightmares

Adventures at Sunnybrook and District 33.

After the mall experience , Sina and Noah talk regarding their experience with Ricky and come to a better understanding of each other and their burgeoning friendship. Noah invites Sina for a small errand and she experiences Noah’s job at the zoo (and an encounter with another Hyena that works there), as well as his own ‘lair’ of sorts – a large pit in a forgotten section of the zoo that houses many dead bodies. The encounter with Oliver the Beast/Hyena is tense, but is ultimately defused safely.

Meanwhile, Kathi calls Rayan and they discuss some of the findings at the cemetery. Despite his interest in going over the things they had found, Kathi is ‘busy’ that night, instead insisting on seeing his lair. She does, however, have some news – the following week Rayan has an audience with the local Consilium.

Kathi does provide Elle’s contact information at Rayan’s request, and he bumblingly leaves both voice and text messages, but does not receive a reply. After some people watching (and touching for potential later targets of hunger) he returns home to Phoebe.

Noah and Sina adventure to Sunnybrook as Noah continues to feel uneasy about this mysterious doctor. With Sina as a lookout, Noah reveals a particularly morbid ability – he hangs himself in order to astral project and explore Dr. Flanders office. The office is empty, but he does spy a mysterious folder labeled T.R.A.P.

Rayan returns home to find it a disaster. He continues to push Phoebe that what others think is not important, and what she needs to do is find her own truth. He begins the long process of cleaning.

Sina and Noah arrive at Rayan’s apartment, where Noah meets Phoebe and they all (minus Noah) continue to clean and asses the damage. Rayan remains disinterested in the damage, and is much more interested in making sure Phoebe is comfortable. Together they discuss their options, with Sina revealing she has powers of divination. Through this, they discover that Dr. Flanders does not mean Noah harm. Noah resolves to meet him later in the evening, at the same time Sina and Rayan will be in the hospital for other reasons.

The file on Edwin reveals he is in jail for murder, so the next day Rayan, Donna, and Artorias visit the police station where he is being held. They see the private detective Derrick in passing, who vanishes shortly after leaving the building. While attempting to see Edwin, the group instead encounters police chief James Gilmore – who almost immediately reveals himself to be a fallen angel of God. Edwin has confessed to the crime, and GIlmore seeks justice. He knows the system to be corrupt so intends to recreate the world with his image of justice – and is willing to release Edwin if Rayan kills another killer – a human homeless man named Joseph Moon. Without any direction on where to find the man, he is given one week – after which Edwin will be dealt with “justly”. Additionally, he reveals a note found on Stanley Ward, the same ‘hero’ that Rayan originally encountered when he was born.

Artorias and Donna visit Edwin and realize he’s going to have trouble feeding and begin to make plans. Donna is shocked that Edwin committed the crime, but Artorias points out it is part of the nature of beastdom.

With the clock ticking, the three proceed to the Deadroom where they ask Lisa’s assistance in finding the murderhobo joe. She says it will take a few days, but is happy to help.

Later, at the hospital:

Noah meets with Dr. Flanders, who claims to be manufactured in service of a grand machine. He has gone AWOL and is on the run, and two other manufactured ‘angels’ of the machine are potentially looking for him. Flanders enlists Noah’s aid in finding these two, explaining the machine itself is powered by the souls of the dead. He also reveals another SIn Eater is in the hospital on the fourth floor – one who is suicidal.

Sina comes to the hospital to check on Michael and encounters a mysterious being named Aiden. He seems to know much about things happening and revealing insight on those Sina already knows. She checks on Michael who is still distraught at his condition, but also discovers another Beast -Megan – watching over her daughter who is in a coma and suffering severe nightmares. She speaks of a Doctor Chambers somewhere in the hospital who is capable of performing miracles – perhaps even able to give Michael his limbs back.



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