Ravenous Nightmares


After the successful hunt, the various campers go about their business.

Sina and Rayan discuss Artorias’ plans for the hunt as well as his legal attempts to save Edwin. unconvinced that Helena need die, they decide to go on the hunt anyway. Rayan is concerned they will be forced in to a confrontation that need not be had, but there is no convincing things otherwise.

Sina also reports her vision of Rayan’s injuries at the hands of Moon, but he is concerned that his deal with Chief Gilmore has backed him in to a corner. Derrick appears from Sina’s coffin and agrees to calm Gilmore in exchange for the others keeping an eye out for a creature similar to himself that poses as a priest.

Mort plans his next hunt, which starts with a failed squirrel assault. Later, he goes for a swim with Rebecca and visits her lair, as she reveals herself the soul of the mythical Charybids. Overcast by perpetual Storm Clouds, the lair was host to a churning whirlpool. Spinning with in the Whirlpool, damned pirate ships manned by nary the memory of desperate men caught up in Cthulhian gods beyond their understand. Firing cannons and manning the wheels of derelict ships, Mort became a Pirate. And into the Whirling drink went them both. The hunt is successful for them both, and they enjoy the lake while Noah, Sina, James, and Rayan watch from the shore.

James visits Rayan to learn about Shebaka and takes a keen interest, but their bonding ends quickly with his stern warning about Sina’s importance and that they were holding Rayan responsible for her well being when involved in his antics.



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