Ravenous Nightmares

Catacombs of Toronto (Part I and II)

Following dropping off the car, Noah, Rayan and Delilah have a quiet ride and return to Typo. While on the way, Rayan makes plans to meet with the mage Kathi Chance regarding the mysterious ritual murders beneath the graveyard.

She agrees to meet at a starbucks near Typo, but insists on inviting her friend, another mage named Elle.

Rayan implores Kathi and Elle to aid him in his efforts to unite supernatural beings across the city. His success is limited, with Kathi seemingly sympathetic but unable to commit to much. Elle – an arbiter of problems within the Mage community – remains a bit more reserved about the idea in general despite Rayan’s pleas that they could help each other.

Ultimately he offers to update the women with his progress in the investigation of the cult and they agree to petition to get him a meeting with the higher ranking officials of the mage community of Toronto.

The group returns to the cemetery and discover an unusual man – a private detective named Derrick Weaver. He claims to be a precog and announces to the pair that the mausoleum entrance will not open again that night.

Taking this as a challenge, Noah and Rayan set out to prove him wrong, enlisting the help of Kindred Sina and her contacts at an occult shop. Together they gather the ingredients, and open the catacombs. This time they find a secret passageway from the ritual chamber leading further down beneath the graveyard…


Within the catacombs, the three encounter a number of puzzles as they pass through a large complex. They find many books in library to investigate later as well as numerous secrets and traps. Eventually they find an experimentation room where Michael remains a prisoner in a sorry state, his arms and legs having been removed, the tortured torso relaxes due to Sina’s influence, and with Michael in tow the three attempt to find the way out of the dungeon.

Strange noises lead to creatures feasting on the flesh of unfortunate victims. Rayan, Noah, and Sina travel through the darkness to avoid the creatures, but they are alerted at the last second. The group barricade a door with the monsters within.

Shortly thereafter they find a chapel with a sacrificial alter. Additionally, Sina hears chanting from beyond another door. An attempt to distract whomever was chanting with the monsters instead leaves them face to face with not just the monsters, but Lydia – a woman keeping the creatures as pets. Refusing to negotiate with the group, Lydia and her pets are destroyed and the group escapes the catacombs.

Meanwhile, Artorias meets with RIcky, Donna’s father. As an associate of the collectors, he asks that he look after his beloved daughter and meet with her new friends the following night.



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