Ravenous Nightmares

Heeeere's Ricky!

The night leads to adventure when Sina and Rayan attempt to feed and instead encounter Phoebe, a mysterious girl with an aura that makes people disgusted by her – after stopping a man from beating her, they take her to a nearby diner where she eventually reveals her ability to shapeshift. She is very interested in being liked, and does not know why she is always rejected. Rayan convinces her to stay at his apartment until they can figure out a more permanent arrangement.

The next evening at the mall, Rayan, Sina, and Noah meet Donna and Artorias at a mexican restaurant. Afterwards they explore the mall – purchasing a cell phone for Sina and some clothing for Donna. Rayan also gets some clothes for Phoebe.

While in the mall, Sina encounters Thomas – a vampire preaching to some people at the mall, and shortly thereafter Noah encounters a mysterious man named Ted Flanders, a doctor at Sunnybrook Hospital interested in speaking with him further. After the encounter, Noah feels he is being watched.

While purchasing a phone, Sina also has an unusual encounter with Friedrich. He seemly sniffs her out despite how easily she is often overlooked and they exchange information.

Later, the group is invited up to meet with Ricky – head of the Beast Group known as the collectors. He has a chief of security that almost immediately does – something – causing them all to feel small and cramped, setting the meeting off on a decidedly wrong foot.

The meeting is further thrown in disarray when Ricky almost instantly badmouths Sina, causing her to leave. Noah and Rayan also seem ready to leave, but the lure of actual information is enough to keep Rayan there. Still rebellious, he instead offers to form a Brood with Donna in front of her father, and he gives a very fiery ‘blessing’. With new information on the location of Edwin Newt (Jail) and a Beast link to Cheiron (A Hyena named Patrick Dobbe), the crew leave with a bad taste in their mouths, but new directions for the future….



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