Ravenous Nightmares

Preparing for Artorias

That night, SIna investigates the mysterious sineater girl, identified as Leanna Walker. She is being controlled by her geist like a puppet, so the group decides more research is needed.

Now starving, Rayan and Sina hunt down John Buckner and make him pay for accusing another – again. The plan is somewhat complicated so Sina and Rayan have an opportunity to talk about Kindred while they wait for him to arrive at the hospital. The night ends with Rayan merging worlds and revealing his horror to both Sina and John. What becomes of John is left unclear (but obviously known to Sina and Rayan)

The next two days involve preparation for Artorias’ Camping Trip.

Noah looks for some herbs to help combat Oliver’s powers if they have trouble at the zoo in the future with little success.

Rayan and Phoebe go shopping for a New TV and camping clothes for Phoebe. While there, they run in to Leanna looking to purchase a shovel. Rayan calls Noah, but follows along to keep an eye on her, resulting in him being accused of stalking the girl. He nearly gets Artorias and Ricky involved when Leanna temporarily comes to her senses and leaves. Rayan refuses the discount.

Noah arrives and joins the chase. Leanna leaves a Homonculous Egg beneath a dumpster, and uses it to catch her scent. The three follow her to the waterside where Noah encounters the Geist, temporarily weakening it and taking Leanna under his wing. It is revealed the Geist has been putting eggs around the city for an unknown purpose, and Noah means to help Leanna balance their new existence as well as determine what the Geist wants. She will also join the camping adventure.

Artorias calls Mort, asking him to also join the trip. The two are quite the odd couple and would make fantastic roommates. More or less on loan from his sire, Mort agrees to the trip.

Rayan speaks with Elle who refuses to let him help her in her work. She does give him some basic information on the members of the consilium so that he can prep for his presentation with them.

Noah and Rayan presumably meet with Rufus (not actually done yet, but chronologically would happen here). Also Rayan gives Lisa the book she was looking for, but does not yet have an opportunity to discuss what she’s really after further.

The Red (with black stripes and “bloodsuckers written on it”) Limo arrives and picks up Sina and her Ghoul, James. A short drive later at a nearby bus stop they pick up Mort, and the Kindred Krewe is now ready for camping.



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