Ravenous Nightmares

Sunnybrook, Park Lawn and the Dead Room

…Still at the hospital.

Rayan meets with a burn victim Arika and helps her with physical therapy while her husband is away. He is distracted, certainly sidestepping (if not outright being deceptive) about what he’s been doing while at the same time looking for advice and input.

Noah investigates Dr. Flanders mention of a sin-eater on the fourth floor and discovers a girl haunted by her Geist. When he attempts to communicate, the Geist starts chanting the old nursery rhyme “Ring around the Rosie”, causing the girls condition to deteriorate.

Sina attemps to locate Dr. Castle and learns she’s in the psychiatry department but currently unavailable. She does get her contact number to make a later appointment.

Together again, the group make plans. Now understanding some level of danger Noah is in, they decide more investigation is needed on these ghost eating machines. On the radio they hear there has been a murder outside the kebab factory that left a message in blood in response to Lydia’s death. Needing to send a message to the other sin-eaters and deciding to check to see if Roberta might have seen the cultists pass by, they stop at the cemetery – discovering many of the ghosts had been murdered.

Assuming this to be a trap for Noah by Bait and Hound due to the witness accounts of some of the few remaining ghosts, Noah leaves a message for the other Sin Eaters warning of the danger. The three proceed to the Deadroom.

In the Deadroom they attempt to research the God Machine, but Lisa suggests it is scifi and outside their collection. She gives Rayan the number to Rufus, another mage who specializes in technology, and a meeting is set up for Monday night. Lisa also asks Rayan if he has made any progress on the strange book, and asks him to recover another occult text for her to discuss with him over coffee at a later date.

Noah also tries in vain to discover if there is a way to quiet the geist around the girl at the hospital, but without additional information little progress can be made. They decide to go back to the hospital with hopes of finding her name and more about her story.

While the the deadroom, the group bump in to Omar Tahlm who introduces himself to Noah and greets Sina. Omar and Rayan ignore each other, but Rayan, who was already ancy, appears even more agitated. As they prepare to leave Sina warns him of letting his hunger get the best of him, and he says he has it under control and plans to take care of it that night – inviting her.

The group returns to the hospital and Sina prepares to enter hoping to find the name and medical chart of the young woman.



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