Ravenous Nightmares

The least safe cemetery in Toronto

While on the way to the Park Lawn Cemetery, Noah gives some exasperated advice to Rayan: his apparent trusting nature makes him appear green and potentially weak – leading to getting taken advantage of by more powerful beings, and his death if not careful.

Rayan response is curiously noncommittal, but acknowledges that perceptions matter and that he should make some sort of change for future interactions.

After picking up some Rum, the three proceed to the Cemetery. Rayan clearly focused on finding Abigails’ grave, and moves swiftly towards the back where people would most likely be buried around ten years ago.

They pass a mysterious black cat by a statue that seems interested in Noah, following him around. Rayan notes Erasmus standing by a grave but ignores him. They find the grave, but it has not been kept up particularly well, now covered in weeds. Noah spies a nearby ghost and asks Rayan to distract the man beside it so that he can ask for more information.

Rayan meets with Brian and offers to talk to him about his sadness. His mother is ill and he just lost his girlfriend Roberta to an accident at a construction site – she was without her helmet and a huge pile of bricks fell on her. Rayan seems to think the liability may ultimately lead to something that might help her mother, but is relieved when a nearby elderly couple overhear and decide to take over with consoling the man.

Meanwhile, Noah speaks with the ghost of Roberta who confirms someone had been to Abby’s grave and acted in a very strange matter – mumbling to himself and then leaving with a smile on his face. She thinks he was there not long ago, and he drives a green van which might still be outside.

Noah agrees to send a message to Brian once Roberta can think of what she’d like to say so that he knows the message is truly for her, and in return will continue to watch the site. She also mentions some odd activity at the nearby mausoleum. Noah thanks her for the information and does some investigating, still followed by the peculiar cat which has the nametag Ebony.

He comes across several youths desecrating a grave in the middle of the afternoon. His Geist starts to take form, and the ethereal creature easily scares off the kids, who jump the fence. Rayan returns from the conversation with Brian, and Noah explains that Kevin might still be around and that there is potentially something suspicious going on with Kevin. They split up to search the cemetery for him. Rayan asks if Noah has a way to bring Abigail to this world, and he is uncertain – Noah suggests just finding Kevin for now.

While Rayan goes towards the lot to find the van, Noah explores the rest of the cemetery with Ebony, which appears to be leading him around. At the mausoleum he discovers four riddles with offerings. With the cat’s help, he completes the riddles, the final one resulting in the mysterious and instant death of the cat (it being the solution to the riddle). A passageway opens.

Rayan finds the green van still outside, and someone is sitting inside. He asks if it is Kevin, and is lied to. Clearly impatient, he does something drastic – a bang on the window turns into a smashed window with Rayan inside the van. A woman, Kathi, who seems to be a bit of a hippie that had been conversing with spirits in the graveyard notices and approaches. Rayan waves her off insisting that Kevin is simply sick and that he would take care of him. She backs off.

When Kevin Acula continues to lie about his identity, Rayan’s tolerance is gone completely and he inflicts a terrifying vision to Kevin – The world around him crumbles with all aspects of civilization rusting away, eaten by massive black worms that eat through his car seat, window, and the world outside, making him sick and poisoned as the things squirm and slide around him, eventually starting to devour him as well as the rest of the world. He panics, but Rayan does not relent – a touch revealing his eyes to be mirrors to Kevin’s greatest unspoken fear. The image is so horrifying that he injures himself to not see anymore. Kevin reveals that he murdered Abigail in order to get her money, as she was from a wealthy family. He had already been cheating on her at the time.

Deciding that it is time Kevin and Abigail spoke after all this time, he opens a pathway to his realm of mirrors and darkness, dragging Kevin behind him. Rayan presents her to Abigail, insisting that he reveal the truth of what has happened. Ultimately, he does and is swiftly killed by Abigail, who fades away.

Rayan returns and is confronted by Kathi. Although she cannot identify what he is, she is sure something happened and Rayan is clearly not what he appears to be. Rayan insists that he did not kill Kevin, but he got what he ultimately deserved. She offers her silence in exchange for Rayan to take her to wherever he just was – and he declines. Instead, he offers to take her number and give an opportunity to talk later and see where the conversation leads – offering at least the possibility of taking her there in the future. She reveals herself to be a mage of the Mysterium. She says Omar is likely a ‘guardian of the veil’ who will keep secrets even if it means people must die, and while there are secrets that should be kept she has a much more open view. In a future conversation, they could perhaps share some information, and she thinks she could even tell him something about the Cheiron Group. She explains she comes to this place to help put some of the restless spirits at ease, offering companionship where there is none, and Rayan finds a weird kinship with her due to his experience with burn victims in the hospital. He offers his number earnestly, and decides he really looks forward to their cup of coffee. (she insists it need not be coffee, alternately suggesting smoking a bowl or something). She finally asks him to please move the van because if something did happen to Kevin, the police might come and that would be very disruptive to the spirits. Rayan promises that he will.

Noah has solved the puzzle and Rayan arrives just in time to go in with him. He nonchalantly admits that the Kevin Acula situation has now been handled and that Abigail faded away after they saw each other (meaning she was never able to fulfill her end of the bargain, but oh well). Together they find a large, natural cavern marred with blood – dried yet recent. They follow a path and find more blood as well as a statue to Abaddon, and ultimately a sacrificial chamber with several dead bodies. Noah retrieves a german pamplet, and the two agree to investigate further, neither deposing the bodies nor notifying the police – yet.

As one final favor, Rayan asks Noah to drive his car with Delilah and follow him as he moves the van. Rayan drives to the same warehouse where the others died/were rescued, and after writing a few words on a paper, leaves it parked outside in plain view, returning to his car with Noah and departing the scene.



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