Ravenous Nightmares


Noah has Leanna participate in some light bondage in order to ensure her safety with Ring as they sleep outside in tents.

Rayan calls Kathi to announce he’s now ready to show her his lair, and instead she invites him on a double date with her and Erasmus. He considers his options.

Sina pleasantly looks after Phoebe to once again encounter Gustav. He follows her and provokes her by lighting fires, and eventually enters the library where mort is sleeping after reading a note. Some amount of earthquakes and yelling later, Sina and James encounter an incensed Gustav, nearly coming to blows, and escalating with the use supernatural atavisms causing earthquakes that wake Artorias and Rayan.

Sina is ready to leave despite Artorias’ pleas while Rayan idly observes from the stairs. Gustav is ultimately sent away and Sina and James discuss whether or not to stay. Mort makes a slight attempt at peacemaking. The contents of the note are left unknown.

The plan for the hunt is moved forward as another day is just a reason for other potential problems. Artorias discusses the forest like area of the Astral realm that Helena now inhabits, and intends the group to split – Donna, Phoebe, and Leanna will stay behind while Artorias and Rebecca go to an unknown section of the realm. The others will investigate the forest of great flowers.

The party equips for the hunt. It is time.



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