"She's a nightmare hippie girl, with her skinny fingers fondlin' my world." - Beck


Kine Name: Persephone Michaels
Kindred Name: Amaunet-Sina “Sina” (Hidden Beauty)
Age: 66 total years; 20 (kine), 46 (kindred)
Occupation: Liberal Arts College Drop-out, Hippie/Groupie
Height: 5’ 5”
Hair: Very pale blonde, very long, very straight
Hunger: Blood: sweet, viscous liquid of life
Mask: Nurturer
Dirge: Masochist
-Immediate – Find out what the armed men do with (or where they take) the new supernatural (Delilah).
-Intermediate – Create friends and allies with other supernaturals
-Long Term – become Haruspex not only to covenant, but to city’s politicians/watch over Adheru’s torpor successfully


Sina is a bleached out, dark goth hippie girl. If you manage to see her, you’ll be surprised at just how pale she is. She was white in life, in undeath she is positively porcelain. Once pale blue eyes are an unnerving almost white. But she is small, a veritable waif, and despite her odd appearance, she is somehow disarming.

She seems shy and quiet, but in her element – the occult store where she works part-time some nights, and with her coterie (of whom she is the youngest) – she is confident and seems to carry an aura larger than she is. She takes her wardrobe from Stevie Nicks, if Stevie was drenched in night. Flowing skirts and shawls are often just as breezy as their colorful counterparts, but Sina’s are made in shades of black and grey, overlaid with spidery lace more often than not.

Sina visits her gravestone occasionally, to remember her roots, even though they are distant now. Her parents were kind, but seemed uninterested in her existence so long as she was quiet and seemed to get along. Her mother a hard-working nurse with not much time, her father a blue collar man. There was nothing in particular wrong with her childhood, it was simply that she seemed…invisible.

When her friends somehow got their hands on a little (not VW – some knockoff) Van, they painted it with flowers and said ‘fuck college’. The van meant music, drugs, adventure, all wrapped up in pagan spirituality – her tiny body and quiet demeanor hid a fiery passion for music and for sucking the marrow out of life, so she went.

While following the Grateful Dead to Woodstock, listening to Janis Joplin screech her heart out, Sina met her maker, and she’s never looked back.

Things Sina Says:

“We are all children of the Night Mother. We all have our cravings – and our secrets – sometimes they’re one and the same. They are all delicious.”

“I can’t remember anymore where he ends and I begin.”

“May the Darkness embrace you.”

“I have just the thing for that. Come to the back room with me.”

“Catty bitches don’t get laid.”

Sina’s Life Stories

Meeting Aheru


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