Audrey Stone

Toronto mayoral candidate and our savior from the bunker


Physical Traits: 6’3’’, 170lbs, English Descent, Long flowing blonde hair, Blue Eyes, Right Handed.

Currently running for the mayor position for the Conservatives.

Impressions of Audrey

Rayan: She saved me from certain death and didn’t even seem to care. She flung that man back like nothing, and didn’t seem to care. I SWEAR I saw something around her outside. She must have noticed we saw. Didn’t seem to care. She has answers. Still.. what is she going to expect in return for helping us?

Sadie: She’s very condescending. She’s probably just like every other politician, venal and arrogant. Still, she’s a useful friend to have and she did save my life. She doesn’t seem to think much of me, which is annoying. Ugh. I hate the fact that I want to impress her somehow.

Jaclyn: Well, she is not trying to kill me, that is a plus, right?


Audrey Stone

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