Delilah Robinson


Delilah Robinson was raised in a small household in Ontario. She lived with her father Eric Robinson, her mother Maria Robinson, and her younger brother TJ Robinson. They lived a comfortable life as upper-middle class, due to the beauty salon that Delilah’s mother owned and operated.

Growing up, Delilah always loved her father far more than her mother. Eric was a kind man, caring and loving. He always cared more about what was going on inside of Delilah, not what she looking like on the outside. It was her father that she turned to after the nightmares that she always had. As contrast, her mother was always distant, cold. She worked to make Delilah look beautiful in every respect. She never cared if her daughter felt hurt, sad, or alone, just that she looked nice for guests, and make a good impression on the neighbors.

Without a real, motherly influence, Delilah tried to take on the role for her younger brother. Being six years older than him, she tried to show him as much love and support as possible. It didn’t always help, but Delilah is confident that she did a good job raising him.

Halo was the name of the family owned and operated salon that Maria Robinson inherited from her mother. Upon graduating from high school, at 18, Delilah began working there. Her mother forbid her from going to college or learning another profession, her sole future was to eventually take over the business. A part of Delilah resented the place, hated it for taking away any hopes or dreams she may have had. An entirely different part of her needed the business. Maybe, if she built this place up, made it successful and worked hard, she would finally get the motherly love that she deserved.

Delilah is currently 26 years old, and has learned the ins-and-outs of her family business. Her mother retires in a few months, and plans to have Delilah take over the business entirely at this point. Her younger brother is in the middle of a college education locally, where he is studying accounting. Her father retired a year ago.

She is currently dating a man named John Ray. Tall, muscled, and attractive, she fell for him rather quickly. He was sweet and kind, at first, but as time went on, he started to strike her when he got angry. And Johnny got angry quite a lot. A college football star, he has the strength to hurt her. She often thinks about running away, trying to leave him, and once even thought about killing him in his sleep. But whether it is through weakness, stockholm syndrome, or something else entirely, she does actually care for him.

The awakening, the final nightmare, occurred right as Delilah turned 26 years old.

A Window into the Horror

Delilah Robinson

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