The origins of Dewitt are loose and vague. The problem with living so long is that’s hard to remember everything. The human mind was simply not meant to store such monstrous limits of information. But the important parts always seem to leak through. He started as a happier man named Nick Rolz. Nick Lived off a farm and range; it was quiet and simple. The scene only being disturbed by a hollow steam powered whistle of the first trains.

It’s Chicago

Nick moved into the Chicago as the turning of the industrial revolution, looking for work. He worked in factories, steam mills, and even cloth manufacturing. But always a little more hungry and a little bit more ragged. Labor jobs don’t pay well. But Nick had always grown up with a song in his heart and a smile on his face, willing to tackle a hard day’s work.

Nick was not a family man. He typically found himself in the worker’s camp, the gambling hall or the theatre which doubled as a brothel. In this brothel he’d meet his end. He got into a fight. Him and this shady dude were going after the same gal. He was stronger, scarier.

Shady Dude rocked the room, Smashed tables Destroyed walls. Nick ducked and weaved, but was obviously out classed. And by this time everyone else had walked out.

With his hand around Nick’s neck “Well Yaldson You made my birdie run away. I shall do more than kill you. I’m sending you to Thanatos”

The importance of this one’s birdie or thanatos were out of Nick’s grasp, but he certainly knew what a bastard was.


From this point Nick spent most of his nights confused distraught and angry. At one point he heard the vaguely familiar whistling of a steam boiler. The whistle beckoned to him. The Train Dewitt Clinton called to him. He traveled the rails. Hopping From boxcart to boxcart. Feeding from hobos.

After many years he would develop this system adopt it as his own. He would fight Rail barrons and beast men alike to claim and construct his own Empire. Cross country trade and alliances made him a powerful man indeed. And where one has power jealousy Broods. Travel is not an easy thing for kindred. So soaring around in a big metal box does have it’s advantages beyond its charm. Much Like Stoker’s Dracula used trains and ships against Van Helsing, so would Dewitt use his trains

When the common man spoke of manifest destiny, Dewitt earned his own little cut, and bleed the man dry. It would not be until the the century began to close that the pieces started to fall apart.

Betrayed by his allies, The Noble The Whore The Banker The Animal. He has Promised revenge. If it must take the better of the next century; at least he’ll have something to whittle away the nights.


The Night that saw Mort enter the equation was an oddity. Dewitt had retreated across international lines. Hoping to find a safe fort against the Sun’s Lancing rays. He found this hopeless slob. He was reminded of his enemies. How lazy and cowardly they were. And He let his frustration out on this one man.
It was a ploy. Mort was never meant to survive. Mort was suppose to die and or become such a thorn in the locals side and draw the local kindred out. Once the local kindred were drawn out Dewitt would be able to clean them all out, but that didn’t happen. Mort dodged most of the hard edges in his first few nights. This new Child displayed, caution, ingenuity and possible just enough damn luck.

So Dewitt followed him shadowed him for a time. Once He noted the child’s preoccupation with his old abandoned rail lines. It was a Sign. Maybe fate and lady luck were trying to game him again. He called to the child’s blood and decided to use this one would be his trojan horse.

These Nights

This day and age Dewitt is motivated by revenge and spite. I definitely see Dewitt being out played in his last scheme and taking it personally. He could be setting Mort up as a long term sleeper agent in the city proper. But Mort’s technical skills are still more important in the functions of his rail lines.

Dewitt could want to wrestle control of public transit. Subways and streetcars are modern evolution of his rail ways. So that means setting up your own guys into public office. First you subvert the existing structure and slip your own into it. Goal here is to expand 24/hr services for easier feeds. All great things start with the first steps.

“If you ever look into the mirror. and you concentrate. really concentrate. you’ll see what you Are. there is no veil. there is NO protecting blanket for us. for our kind. Everyone else can delude themselves. say oh no we’re mostly the same. But no. We know different. From our first night. We know and They know. Some take decades to figure it out. That’s just our first lesson.

Like the whore who finally sees the scars she slices into her life and the people around her. Like the Lord who breaks people so they can fit into ‘perfect’ little kingdom. Like the ghost who burns his own bridges with the world. Like the Dog who finally realizes the barking en biting he keeps hearing is his own voice and fangs.

You don’t embrace the ones you give a fck about. So don’t go thinking You’re the special little snow flake. Mort “


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