Edwin Newt


Unhinged artist who considers highly visible acts of destruction and violence to be sublime art


Born to a newly single mother in Toronto, Canada, Edwin started his show off with a rocky prelude that only got steeper and rockier as the years piled on. Edwin’s mother, Margaret Newt, had a husband, Frank Newt, but he died in an odd car accident involving a man with a crossbow and a motorcycle. Edwin’s father died that night. The careless man who took his life was never found. The cruel unfairness of the situation dragged Edwin’s mother into a deep depression. Nevertheless, she carried Edwin in her womb, tears dotting her stomach.

After the birth, Margret Newt developed severe post-partum depression. She maintained for a while, but In between periods of catatonic despair, Mrs. Newt would rant and rave to a newborn Edwin, ignoring his cries for attention and food. Days later, a visiting doctor from the hospital came to check-up on Edwin and his mother. Witnessing the disorder present in Edwin’s home, the doctor reported Mrs. Newt to a mental hospital. Mrs. Newt never truly recovered. Child protective services gave guardianship of Edwin to his uncle and aunt, Charles Choi and Lisa Choi.

The Chois were okay guardians. Sometimes they were strict as hell. Sometimes they were almost indifferent to Edwin’s behavior. But they were always consistent with the fact that they provided Edwin with a loving, supportive environment.

Middle school wasn’t easy for Edwin. His life experiences granted him a morbid insight into the punches life can pull. To describe Edwin in a sentence, he was a full-blooded weirdo, talking about things like doom, gloom, and chaos. A weirdo like Edwin was bullied into the dirt as a kid. Edwin came out of middle school with a few mental scars.

In high school, Edwin’s condition of social ostracism was not alleviated. Edwin did well in all his classes, but found himself stunted in the lunch room. In what Edwin considered a freak accident, he made a few friends. They were outcast just like him. They listened to gothic rock and wore enough black to make the sun nervous. As the school years passed by, they grew closer and formed a social circle tight enough to deflect the opinions of the “sheep” and “normals” that attacked them.

After graduation, Edwin maintained close relationships with two of the Goths, Laura Peters and Abraham Washington. They evolved from Goths into raging free spirits. From time to time, Edwin and his friends would raise all types of hell throughout Toronto. Edwin enrolled in community college alongside his friends. Two years later, Edwin transferred to art school, splitting him from his friend group.

During art school, Edwin came into contact with a group of art students who called themselves the New Libertines. The New Libertines introduced Edwin into a dark world of strange drug use, moral depravity, and hours of half-lucid conversation about the nature of art. To Edwin’s dismay, many members of the New Libertines got expelled or prosecuted over a horrific event that is only be recognized as “the Blue Crab Incident.” Despite their absence, their vile philosophy of depraved chaos etched its mark into Edwin’s drug-addled mind.

Art school was a breeze, finding a job was a hurricane. Tensions flared between Edwin and his guardians over his inability to find what they considered to be real work and his uncanny personality. The boiling point was when Edwin freaked out on both his guardians. Mr. Choi kicked Edwin out and told him to comeback once he had a clue what to do with his life. Edwin raged his way towards Laura Peters, who he begged for shelter. Luckily, she gave him shelter amongst her roommates.

Stress dug into Edwin’s mind. He felt rage. He felt sadness. Above all, he felt exposure, the sense that either the floor would disintegrate and drop him into a void or something would come from the sky and snatch him off to hell, never to be returned to the terrestrial plane. Edwin stopped eating for a while because of the stress and the desire to not feel like a parasite at Laura’s table.

One night, in another nightmare rattled dreamscape, a convincing voice spoke to Edwin and offered escape from his personal torment with silver words. Without a flinch of hesitation, Edwin accepted and was taken in.

Edwin Newt

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