Arika "Hannah" Patel-Durham

former youtuber, crash victim



Ms Patel, 29, was gifted with an absolutely stunning figure – 5’8" with dark hair and eyes, she is also quite intelligent despite not having gone to college. She has an easy going manner and is friendly. Of course, after the accident this changed – her body is badly scarred across much of her side moving up her face, and her sunny disposition has grown dark.


Arika Patel was gifted with natural beauty and she was made well aware of it from a young age. Her family was by no means wealthy and despite her natural intelligence and affinity for the sciences, much of her friends and family pushed her to model. She did this through high school and ultimately she attempted to become an actress and changed her name to Hannah to be more appealing, eventually moving from her home in Detroit to Vancouver. Her parents hated her name change and her relationship became very strained.

Despite a commercial or two, her acting career did not take off – but she found success all the same – she became a youtuber doing reviews and synopsis of movies and television. Her looks got her quite far, and her eloquent style, speech, and personable nature made her a success. Hannah had been living well and became quite wealthy. She met and married Stan Durham, a young socialite from New York, moving to Toronto. His parents were both powerful and prestigious lawyers and the young couple had a pretty comfortable lifestyle – but her relationship with her own family suffered as they did not approve of her marrying someone outside of her culture and disowned her. She found herself more caught within her husbands world, which thankfully was not that bad.

It all changed with the accident. Hannah was driving home from a party. Despite them both having some drinks early in the evening, she was the designated driver and spent most of the night by herself, reading reviews and discussion boards on her phone – when it was time to leave – far later than they originally agreed – Stan was quite drunk. He insisted on stopping on the way home but Hannah refused, so Stan grabbed for the wheel – that was all it took. When he yanked it, the car veered and was t-boned by a truck. The car in flames, Stan was able to stagger out safely. Hannah was caught and it was only extracted by the jaws of life when emergency services came. Her injuries were considerable – not only had she broken both her legs and many other bones, she sustained serious internal bleeding, was severely burned, and left in a coma. The burn damage was extensive, from most of her left arm and side and up her back and across her shoulder. The burns continued from her shoulder up her neck and the left side of her head stopping at her ear. It would take many surgeries and skin grafts, and the likelihood was she would never look the same. While many of her other injuries would ultimately heal, the process would be long, taking months.

Recovery would be slow, and she has been at the hospital for weeks. Unfortunately, the damage was not just physical. Stan, looking to protect himself, quickly explained that Hannah had been drinking and he saw her swerving towards traffic and he tried to stop her. He quickly moved out of their apartment and to condo owned by his family. Hannah, of course, was completely unaware of this.

After over two weeks she finally woke up. Her husband still visits and she has not yet found out the truth – not only has her husband left her, but he also intended to sue her for her involvement in the accident, furthermore using that as grounds for divorce. Her friends turned on her and several became witnesses collaborating Stan’s story. His family intends to take everything, and she does not even realize it, as he continues to visit and smile and say it will be all right.

She is one of the patients at the burn ward that Rayan has been visiting – for a long time she was not even conscious, and even now surgeries and medication mean she is often in pain, overly medicated, or asleep. He does his best, often just sitting there as he does with many others – making occasional small talk in her waking hours and becoming fast friends. She is quite depressed, realizing something is not quite right with her husband but not sure what. She feels abandoned by her friends and destroyed by the severe burns across her body. She has no idea how she will recover. Still Rayan feels oddly liberated when talking to her, and has done his best to maintain her spirits during her recovery, all the while being unusually open about his own life and experiences. Rayan prefers calling her Arika ever since having learned her given name.


It was almost by accident that he overheard Stan on the phone with his father – making plans for a lawsuit against his injured wife while she lay in painful sleep just beyond a door. Of course, what could the young professor do about it? Warn her? Would she even listen?

It was that night that the dream came back – worse than ever before.

Arika "Hannah" Patel-Durham

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