Jonathon Rothschild

Toronto mayoral candidate and Sadie's father


Age: mid 50’s.
Occupation: Toronto City Council member, mayoral candidate
Connection: Sadie

Johnathon Rothschild is a prominent Toronto politician, as well as a skilled manipulator and bureaucrat with many friends in Toronto politics. Rothschild is a man who will do anything to get his way. Those who stand in the way of his political ambitions soon find themselves trampled, and those who wrong him in his personal lives become the subject of grudges that last for decades.

He is also Sadie’s biological father. Rothschild does not acknowledge Sadie’s existence, but has used his political clout and influence to harass the business of Sadie’s step-father, Bernard St. James, leading eventually to the man’s ruin.


He has two daughters, Annalise Rothschild, daughter of his wife Marie-Elizabeth Rothschild, and Sadie St. James, daughter of his former mistress, Shelly St. James. Due to his political ambition and absence, his relationship with Annalise is strained at best, though he has never been terribly concerned with either of his daughters. He has never shown any outward interest in getting to know Sadie – but has secretly kept tabs on her throughout her life. It is unlikely that this is due to genuine concern for his illegitimate daughter, and more likely due diligence in case she could one day become a liability to his political career.

Rothschild is a man who came from very humble beginnings and fought his way up the political ladder. He intends to keep climbing even higher, and will do anything to keep that dream alive. It’s rumoured that he has ties to a few prominent gangs in Toronto, and that his connection to certain aspects of organized crime in Canada is very involved, but as yet there is nothing to substantiate these rumours.

Jonathon Rothschild

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