_The Mother Crow

Sadie's Horror


Presumably the horror now roams the astral realm.

The Mother Crow is Sadie’s Horror, a giant, many-eyed corvid whose unflinching gaze seems to bore to the core of anyone she looks at. Her wings seem compact when withdrawn, but expand endlessly when she spreads them, creating a shadow that blots out the sun. Her form is cloaked in a wreathe of black smoke, and she seems to almost vanish from shadow to shadow as she moves, always swiftly, and always in utter silence.

Those who have caught her attention often find themselves with the inescapable feeling of being watched and completely exposed. They can no longer hide. Their secrets are no longer safe. No dark part buried in their heart is free from her scrutiny. They belong to her, and they know it. They see her eyes in the walls, her eyes blinking back at them in the shadows.

The Mother Crow has a hunger for secrets, and knowledge, but she does not willingly share her own. Any who trespass into her lair, or who uncover any other secret of hers are subject to her wrath. She hunts them down relentlessly and devours their eyes to add to her collection, her terrifying shadow descending upon them is the last thing her victims ever see.


_The Mother Crow

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