Noah Mack

Watchful guardian of life and death



Noah has dark hair, high cheekbones and piercing eyes. He has naturally pale skin (except when he doesn’t) and prefers long jackets and coats. He seems to have perpetual stubble on his face, although he keeps facial hair short.

He is 28 now and his face is surprisingly unexpressive. His clothes aren’t expensive, but they’re generally well kept and clean. He typically spends the daylight hours either sleeping or staying in doors and doing chores, doing as much of his business in the early evening and at night as he can.

Personality – Noah is surprisingly distant to anyone who isn’t incredibly resilient to death, but he needs human contact. His death made him seek out people, even if he has a hard time opening up to them.

Noah deals with his pain by ritualizing death – he’s very protective of burial sites and people in mourning – and particularly enjoys scaring the living daylights out of anyone who doesn’t respect the dead.

As one of the Prey – Noah sees the wilderness and animals as a sort of tribute to the dead as well. Although animals can mourn as well, since they usually don’t ritualize the process he sees them as a symbol of the afterlife. As such, he’s quick to teach people to respect the danger represented by animals and wilderness.

Finally, Noah sees his responsibilities as a Gatekeeper – that is someone who’s job it is to maintain the barrier between the living and the dead. He does this by reminding both sides of the metaphorical barrier – by force if necessary. There are exceptions to this of course (he’s not a zealot) but for the most part he doesn’t like letting either side mess with the other.

Long term goals as per Noah:
1) Outfit the zoo into a favorable territory in order to better deal with the Hyena’s and any other faction that claims the territory as their own.
2) Investigate reports of the God-Machine agents who are apparent predators of Sin-Eaters and disturbers of the balance of life and death – probably by investigating the Sin-Eater community for signs of disturbances.
3) Help Rayan and Sina create a new faction – mostly in order to carve out a territory of Toronto that he knows is safe for himself, his friends, and mortals of all stripes (including and especially the dead)


Death was always with Noah. The first came on the day he was born as his mother died of complications during child birth, and the pain kept coming. Two older sisters died before he was a teenager, aunts and uncles and occasionally friends left him as he grew up. His father, the only steady companion through all of this dealt with each one the same way.

“Pay your respects boy. They may be gone but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t honour them.”

Each time, his father Paul would take him to the funeral and then out for a three day camping trip – his own personal grieving tool. Noah became more and more desensitized to death and, as a side effect, good at wilderness survival. When his father finally joined the dead at 17, Noah attended the funeral, sold the house and his belongings and left for the wilderness.
For five years, Noah managed to live off of the grid – three years where no one died around him since there was no one to die. A lifetime of grieving finally caught up with him and he spent his days roaming from place to place – a homeless man who hunted and stole to feed himself. They were fondly remembered as the best years of his life.

Finally, Death caught up to Noah once again – a nasty storm caught the survivalist unawares while trekking through Ontario and froze him nearly to death.

The experience shook Noah and he stumbled out of the woods two weeks later, his perception changed by the experience. Over the next few years, Noah cleaned himself up and got jobs in the city, working night security at the Toronto zoo and occasionally teaching survival training to anyone who would hire him.

Currently, Noah lives alone in his apartment in Scarborough: a location chosen specifically for its short trip to the Toronto Zoo where he works, two graveyards and occasionally rough neighborhood. He doesn’t have a lot of friends due to his standoffishness, but his coworkers and neighbors see him as a friendly person and don’t connect him to the rumors of creepy voices in the graveyards and zoo after dark. In fact, since he works as after hours security at the zoo, many see him as a strong minded mind who would never buy into that sort of paranormal bullshit – even as he’s the one who’s causing it.


Noah has spent the better part of his mortal life in some form of grief. Car accidents, cancer, a hit and run or two – The longest Noah went without losing someone was at most a year. He learned to accept it and even expect it – tuning out each event by following the step by step rituals of burial and accepting that the event held no meaning. When this finally broke him, he headed off into the wilderness for a number of years, not allowing himself to get attached to anyone enough to let a loss effect him. It worked, and he was able to gain some level of peace for a time.

Imagine Noah’s surprise when Death came for him and was rebuked. The hermit found himself questioning all of the innocent death’s he’d been part of and wondering if there wasn’t more to it. Certainly he wasn’t the only monster in the night – and certainly this meant that there was more meaning to some of the deaths. In a way the Geist tore down a vital tenant of Noah’s existence – that death held no meaning.

The Geist – for his part – was not satisfied with just the epiphany. Noah quickly found out that it wasn’t enough to simply know that there was more to it – Noah needed to explore it. By necessity, Noah was a hermit no more.

Noah has returned to Toronto with old wounds and a new lease on death. He’s by no means a crusader of morality – if anything he’s more desensitized to death than most. Death is a foregone conclusion in every life in his view, so getting upset over it is juvenile. The catch is that death – every death – holds meaning to him, and non-mortals who go about taking life without good reason or remorse is where he draws the line. He understands that fish need to swim and carnivores need to eat, but if you are OK with killing a room full of innocent mortals to get to one guy who you don’t like, Noah is likely to take issue. His reasoning is that everyone deserves a meaningful death, so killing in this way steals that meaning from the victims. Among the supernatural community he secretly suspects that everyone does this, but since he can’t fight everyone he’s taken to biding his time and watching.

Beyond that? Noah has been a hermit for a long time. He does not know how to interact with people very well and if you can get him talking he will wear his heart on his sleeve. He’s not oblivious to this short coming and prefers to stand back for the most part among people he doesn’t know as a silent observer, although he does seem to take gleeful joy in using his supernatural abilities to terrify mortals when he does take a more direct approach. He’s tactless and slow to trust, but not without compassion.

Noah Mack

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