_Sadie St. James

Fearless street artist, activist and truth seeker


Sadie was murdered by the Cherion corporation.

Alias: Whispers
Age: 21
Height: 5’3"
Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown
Profession: Street Artist

Sadie stands at just over five feet tall, with inquisitive brown eyes and a careless demeanor. She is quick to get involved in trouble at a moment’s notice, and appears to most as being utterly fearless, this coupled with her curious mind tends to put her in the middle of otherwise avoidable conflicts. She is quick to stand up for those being mistreated and is unfailing in holding true to her own personal moral compass. Unfortunately, the compass is of her own devising, and has little to do with the tenets of a functioning society. It is as much concerned with destroying the strong as it is protecting the weak. Sadie is quick to make friends, though few make it into the circle she calls “family.” She is fiercely loyal to those few. Her anti-establishment views, coupled with her strong sense of loyalty, means she tends to adopt an uncompromising ‘us against the world’ mentality with her loved ones.

Sadie has finally begun to gain some recognition in the Toronto street art scene. Sadie has a deep distrust of government and authority, and her work tends reflect that – her pieces tend to be very political in nature, with a noticeably anti-capitalist and anti-government agenda.

The Roost (Abandoned Family Cabin)

Mother Crow

Impressions of Sadie
Jaclyn: Sadie is somewhat strange. She doesn’t seem to be phased easily and takes everything in a stride. I wish I could be like her… I’m just not sure how.

Rayan: I think her name is Sadie. I think she’s some sort of street hipster type. Seemed confident, brave. Braver than me, i’d reckon. I would have gone with Audrey had I not been bleeding from three places, right? Hopefully she’ll find some answers. Hopefully we’ll see her again and find out.


Sadie is a Toronto native. Her mother, Shelly (nee Hayden) St. James, was a grade school art teacher. Sadie’s father is Jonathan Rothschild, a prominent Canadian politician.

She is one of Rothschild’s many illegitimate children, and her mother had been Rothschild’s mistress for over 10 years before the birth of her daughter. The relationship between Shelly St. James and Rothschild became strained after Sadie’s birth, as Rothschild seemed unwilling to accept the paternity claim or the potential scandal it could cause. Sadie has always resented the man for his absence and the pain he’s caused her mother, and she has rejected his covert offers to help through either influence or monetary means.

Though she excelled at the arts, Sadie was never a good student – she floundered in class and was delinquent for most her high school years. She made very few friends and was a drifter in her school’s halls for most of her free time. Her High School art teacher encouraged to take her painting seriously – to consider it as a real career. It’d be a long time before she did. She eventually dropped out and took up with a young street artist named Looper, it was here she found her passion for street art.

Two Fathers
Sadie’s mother would eventually end her affair with Rothschild, and later marry Bernard St. James, and Sadie took his name soon after. Sadie and Bernard were very close, and he quickly became the only father figure she cared about. Bernard was a criminal defense lawyer, and ran his own small practice with a partner called Bartleby and St. James. They believed defending those who had been victims of the system, and Bernard’s strong sense of justice left and imprint on Sadie.

Rothschild however did not take kindly to Shelly’s remarrying, and made many efforts to hamper or otherwise restrict Bernard’s practice, even attempting to run him out of business by abusing obscure zoning laws and city code inspections. Years later, Bernard would be killed while out to meet a potential client in a rough part of town. The client never showed, and Bernard was stabbed in the gut by a random mugger who was never apprehended. Sadie is the only person that suspects the domineering and spiteful hand of her her biological father in this murder, and is hell bent on proving his connection somehow, or otherwise exacting revenge on him for taking her family away from her.

Sadie’s mother soon left Toronto to live with her sister in Quebec, far away from the reaching hands of Rothschild. Sadie stubbornly stayed behind. She had work to do, afterall.

Now Sadie is a young street artist who has finally begun to gain some recognition in the Toronto area art scene. She is homeless, but manages to survive crashing on friends couches and other people’s homes. Though she signs all her works “J,” she is known among art enthusiasts as “Jumper” because of her penchant for painting pieces in incredibly high or difficult to reach areas. She tends to keep her hair cut simply and generally unkempt, and tends to wear clothing that is comfortable for the jumping and climbing necessary to get her art in the right places. Her art tends to be works that call light to injustices in the political system, often directly outing politicians or businesses on dirty practices. Because of this she is very controversial and though her identity is largely secret (barring a few in the scene and her close friends), she is wanted by many.

Sadie has never fit in. She has never made friends easily. And she perhaps would never have pursued her dream of becoming an artist if she had never come home. Since she was a young child, Sadie always suffered from night terrors. She couldn’t sleep with the lights off, she was terrified of heights, of failure, of rejection, of knowing what was out there, waiting for her. And she was right to be. One nightmare in particular was perpetually reoccurring. She would be walking, and then suddenly, the ground would vanish and she would start falling. In complete darkness she would fall, and she could never see the sudden stop that she knew was waiting for her. This served as a metaphor for all things in her life. She clung to safety like a shipwrecked survivor clings to the wreckage in a storm. She clung to it, until one day, the nightmare was different. The ground vanished, but somehow she wasn’t afraid, she was excited. She wasn’t falling, she was flying downward, and she knew with a simple gesture she could fly upward just as easily, but she didn’t. She wanted to see what was at the end of the sudden drop, finally, after all these years. And so she did, and it was her other self. And it ate her alive.

_Sadie St. James

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