Stanley (Stan) Durham

Arika's douchey husband



Stan Durham, 31. 6’2" Sort of smug, but extremely friendly.


Stan might not be a bad guy, but he is a product of his environment. A son of a wealthy family of lawyers, he has a degree from Yale Law and was expected to join the family firm. His parents are strict and expect much from him, unwilling to give him much in the way of liquid assets beyond a small stipend.

He’s a bit of a playboy and is well known in social circles around Toronto. His parents moved him there at 23 with the expectation he would assist with the Toronto branch of the firm. Instead, he allowed them to set him up with a condo, car, and basic assets and only visited the office a handful of times before not showing up altogether. Instead, he used his stipend for parties at his condo and vacations. It was while vacationing in Vancouver that he met Hannah Patel. After charming her, he convinced her to move to Toronto with him. His parents no longer afforded him the condo, but Hannah’s wealth was sufficient to keep his lifestyle intact. The romance resulted in marriage within two years in a very lavish affair thrown by his parents, but their married life has been quite different.

Stan has thus far been unwilling to give up on his partying lifestyle and has little interest in settling down in a family. Instead he lives off of Hannah’s money… this way he can maintain his lifestyle while continuing to rebel against his parents wishes.

When the accident happened, Stan immediately called his dad. In exchange for a firm commitment to join the firm, he agreed to help clean up the mess. When he explained Hannah’s condition, he offered to help get him out of that ‘problem’ as well. By shifting the blame on Hannah, Stan now looks like a victim and has grounds for a divorce. Stan realized that he could have his cake and eat it too, deciding to actually sue his wife for damages so he can hold off on to his work-free lifestyle for awhile longer.

Stanley (Stan) Durham

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