The Formless Fear

It of many names - The formless Fear, The Stranger, The Black Pharoah, Hastur, THe Pallid Mask, Nyarlathotep, The Worm that Walks


The nameless, eldritch thing that is Rayan’s horror is manipulative and cunning. It will use your truths against you and play with your fears – all under the guise of trying to help. The reality is more sinister – it wishes for you to see the Truth. The Truth that all is a lie – behind the facades we create and are created for us, we are all Horrors. Few who understand the truth do not succumb to madness. It is insatiably curious, and it will bargain and barters favors for private truths, all stored for a later, unknown purpose.

Rayan has no choice but to form an uneasy understanding with his true self – as much as he might not like it, he cannot deny this is now part of his nature – he oscillates from a desire to be a ‘good’ human as aspects of the beast come out. To deny what he truly is would lead to it taking over completely.

It’s true form is revolting and terrifying – but in legends the descriptions are always different. Perhaps that is because it appears different to whomever see its’ true form – the epitome of revulsion and fear within ones own heart – or perhaps no one has survived to tell.

Within the lair, It looks like a tall, lanky, featureless man wearing simple brown hooded robes that reach the floor. The head and face are constantly cloaked in shadow, save for mirrored eyes without eyelids that glisten and glitter underneath. The arms, mostly hidden beneath the robes, are thin and long, as if stretched a bit beyond the appropriate proportions. The bleached skin looks – not quite right – completely featureless and hairless, it is as if it is latex pulled tight. The horror glides slowly as if it floats, surrounded by a cloud of opaque darkness that acts as if alive. Sometimes, those with a keen eye can see a hint – just barely – out of the corner of the eye the confirmation of what the mind cannot acknowledge or register – tentacles made up of the darkness itself, moving beneath the robes…

The Lair:

The heart is a darkened maze of mirrors with no entrance or exit. All you can do is glimpse yourself in flashes of truth…a truth that may be too terrifying to see.



The Formless Fear

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