The Lost Guide

Noah Mack's Geist companion


Noah’s geist is the lost guide – a creature hooded by robes and carrying a lantern on a chain.


The lost Guide’s passion is helping the lost – and Noah finds he feels closest when patrolling dark and abandoned places, looking for people who shouldn’t be there. This is part of what drove Noah to take jobs patrolling the zoo at night and, even when off duty, he sometimes patrols other dark places where people shouldn’t be when he wants to clear his head. At first this put the pair at odds with each other as Noah would rather stay away from people altogether, but he has since at least partially given in and moved into the city to help fulfill his geist’s need to guide. He’s since learned of his own need for social interaction, but is still coming to terms with the full truth.

Their Keystone is an iron lantern with a chain attached to it that gives off a ghostly, flickering light but no heat. Noah sometimes uses this as a weapon in a fight (see chain, p.269 of CoD)

The Lost Guide

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