Tina West

Secretary of Audrey Stone


Secretary of Audrey Stone. In charge of many of the cities documentations.

She’s timid and describes herself as a bit ditzy. She has overheard Erasmus telling others she is a ditz, which is upsetting due to her infatuation with the Naga.

Her horror is that if a winged boar – Khrysaor.

Impressions of Tina

Sadie: Poor Tina, she’s so sweet. I feel really bad for her. I don’t get her crush on Raz, or her loyalty to Audrey. I wish I could help her get out from under Audrey’s boot. I just hope they don’t take advantage her.

Rayan: Ugh. Stand up for yourself! How can someone so timid also be so brave as to wander around in a bunker filled with dudes with machine guns?


Tina West

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