Ravenous Nightmares

A meeting for answers, but instead more questions.

Jaclyn, Sadie, Edwin and Rayan meet at the Stone Campaign offices for the designated meeting.

There, they meet with Audrey, Erasmas, Tina, and surprisingly Donna. They talk frankly and believe the mission that Gilmore has set out is achievable, and while they give some practical knowledge on beasts and their own origins – Audrey explains an expert – who is a mage – will be explaining the psychological aspects of beasthood, as well as explore the primordial dream – the following day. Donna has also gotten in her own set of trouble and will be on this mission with them.

Anxious about what they’ve heard, and ready to actually learn more, the group uneasily waits for the next day.

Later that night, Edwin and Donna make up for their uneasy original meeting and have some Chinese food. Edwin agrees to let Donna stay at his place.

Bribes, Steaks, and Obnoxious roommates.


While at a bar, Edwin encounters a woman named Donna who – does something – to make them instantly friends. He brings her back to his place on the back of his bike, and she suggests he rest and watch Adventure time while she makes some steaks.

Edwin suddenly realizes he does know this woman and kicks her out, having to explain her appearance to his roommate Laura. She was concerned he was on drugs but was happy to watch Game of Thrones.

Edwin later makes an effort to draw the woman he saw, spending time to make a spectacular portrait.


Jaclyn returns to her dorm and encounters her pretentious, obnoxiously, ‘valley girl’ roommate, Lindsey. Ignoring her stories about a fantastic new sushi restaurant, she retires to study for her upcoming anthropology 101 exam, doing quite well. Somewhere, her professor is proud.

She takes the bus and arrives at the Stone Administration campaign offices before 8PM.


Sadie arrives at the Ebony Blue Cafe well before Rayan, and while waiting inspects the package and finds it to be files and a large sum of money – potentially a bribe. She then encounters a young man who shyly leaves a note for her. When confronted, he admits he wanted to ask her on a date to a concert. After confirming he was 18, she agreed.

Rayan arrived and they briefly spoke of their experiences, with Rayan concerned about an increasing loss of his self while he deals with a growing hunger for punishment. They travel together to the office of T. Harris and meet Vanessa, a standoffish receptionist who ultimately tells them a little more about what it is to be a beast. Rayan playfully suggests they snope about Vanessa’s desk when she leaves with the package, and Sadie cannot help but pretend to be Vanessa and out the organization for accepting bribes. One Canadian hick is left very unhappy that his potholes are not repaired.

They proceed to the offices, bypassing an ex-boyfriend of Sadie’s – Looper. Rayan and Sadie admit to each other that they do not feel comfortable seeing old friends right now – they hardly even understand themselves and need to get answers first.

They proceed to the campaign office and speak with Tina, who reveals her beast, some of her insecurities, and that she also thinks Vanessa is a bit bitchy. They order Indian food, and Erasmus proves to be as obnoxious as ever, licking his lips around Sadie when out of Tina’s view.

They all go to the meeting, and Audrey introduces Donna as someone who will be joining them.

Co-Starring: A Demonic Police Chief and some Coffee


After being told they would be taken to the police station for questioning the next morning, Jaclyn, Rayan, and Roy spent their time in different ways during the long wait – while Jaclyn struggled knowing that she would not be able to see her family for awhile longer (ed note: although surely they could have visited her… how dickish, amirite?) , Rayan went to his room to recuperate and write a long overdue note/letter to his friend and fellow patient, Arika. Roy, meanwhile, was out of the hospital as soon as possible – visiting a bar to medicate via his own method of choice.

The next morning they prepared for the meeting with some coffee and ran in to Edwin – a young, eccentric fellow. Edwin is an artist – using people, or so he claims – for what must be some real avant garde stuff. Like the others, he came to the hospital with no memory of the night before. Although they had never met, all of them found each other strangely familiar….

While leaving the hospital, a thuggish messenger named John forcibly ran in to Edwin. Despite Roy’s intimidating protection, John had a chip on his shoulder that would not be smoothed and he pushed at Edwin, attracting the attention of Wendy the policewoman. They also were taken for questioning at the precinct.

Meanwhile, Sadie continued to explore the Stone campaign offices and attempted to access Audrey Stone’s personal office – but was stopped by Erasmus Karras. After some quickwitted mocking, Sadie was forced to flee as Erasmus showed a serpentine “beast” self which both fatigued and frightened the girl.

The next morning, Tina showed Sadie the rest of the office where they met the extremely human Ted. After some hijinks with coffee, she met with Audrey who said that the others would be taken care of an all would meet later that night, and she had a small mission for her – a package delivery – to be made in the meantime.

At the police station, Wendy was revealed to be involved in interrogation and took statements from everyone. John claimed he was attacked by Edwin, but was ultimately removed from the room. The four met with the police chief James L Gilmore, who revealed himself to be a Demon. He would do Audrey a favor and let them free, providing they do him a simple service, first – finding a rival demon, murdering him, and returning his head.

The beginning...
It all has to start somewhere.

We awoke bound and blindfolded on a school bus and led to a warehouse district of Toronto.

The surly man with ginger hair and what amounted to a heavily armed militia led us down in to a sort of bunker where we were separated in cells. The cells had evidence they had been used before, and there was a lot of blood. They were kept there for nearly a day.

Rayan was taken to the sickbay for his injuries – the men claimed they had nothing to do with it.

Sadie tried to comfort Jaclyn while making efforts for her escape, suggesting they were on a date with the two older men and were caught up in something they did not understand. They did receive some sympathy from Brett, but he was unable to free them.

Roy was interrogated and easy batted aside the accusations of the militant, causing him to question his cause. The success was limited, and he more sure than ever that their inevitable doom was at hand.

Sadie was interrogated as well and proclaimed her innocence under the attempts of the militia to divide and conquer.

Rayan was told that Roy was the monster, and he suggested that the men who had kidnapped them were monsters. Apparently talking back to man with big machete was not a great idea – he got stabbed.

Gunfire erupted and Sadie and Jaclyn were rescued by Erasmus and Omar. A timid woman named Tina rescued Roy, and Audrey Stone, conservative candidate for mayor of Toronto came in the interrogation room just in time to throw around Stanley and rescue Rayan.

Upon escape, Roy called the police while Rayan asked for medical assistance. Sadie chose to leave with their liberators, and the others headed to the hospital.

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