Ravenous Nightmares


Noah has Leanna participate in some light bondage in order to ensure her safety with Ring as they sleep outside in tents.

Rayan calls Kathi to announce he’s now ready to show her his lair, and instead she invites him on a double date with her and Erasmus. He considers his options.

Sina pleasantly looks after Phoebe to once again encounter Gustav. He follows her and provokes her by lighting fires, and eventually enters the library where mort is sleeping after reading a note. Some amount of earthquakes and yelling later, Sina and James encounter an incensed Gustav, nearly coming to blows, and escalating with the use supernatural atavisms causing earthquakes that wake Artorias and Rayan.

Sina is ready to leave despite Artorias’ pleas while Rayan idly observes from the stairs. Gustav is ultimately sent away and Sina and James discuss whether or not to stay. Mort makes a slight attempt at peacemaking. The contents of the note are left unknown.

The plan for the hunt is moved forward as another day is just a reason for other potential problems. Artorias discusses the forest like area of the Astral realm that Helena now inhabits, and intends the group to split – Donna, Phoebe, and Leanna will stay behind while Artorias and Rebecca go to an unknown section of the realm. The others will investigate the forest of great flowers.

The party equips for the hunt. It is time.


After the successful hunt, the various campers go about their business.

Sina and Rayan discuss Artorias’ plans for the hunt as well as his legal attempts to save Edwin. unconvinced that Helena need die, they decide to go on the hunt anyway. Rayan is concerned they will be forced in to a confrontation that need not be had, but there is no convincing things otherwise.

Sina also reports her vision of Rayan’s injuries at the hands of Moon, but he is concerned that his deal with Chief Gilmore has backed him in to a corner. Derrick appears from Sina’s coffin and agrees to calm Gilmore in exchange for the others keeping an eye out for a creature similar to himself that poses as a priest.

Mort plans his next hunt, which starts with a failed squirrel assault. Later, he goes for a swim with Rebecca and visits her lair, as she reveals herself the soul of the mythical Charybids. Overcast by perpetual Storm Clouds, the lair was host to a churning whirlpool. Spinning with in the Whirlpool, damned pirate ships manned by nary the memory of desperate men caught up in Cthulhian gods beyond their understand. Firing cannons and manning the wheels of derelict ships, Mort became a Pirate. And into the Whirling drink went them both. The hunt is successful for them both, and they enjoy the lake while Noah, Sina, James, and Rayan watch from the shore.

James visits Rayan to learn about Shebaka and takes a keen interest, but their bonding ends quickly with his stern warning about Sina’s importance and that they were holding Rayan responsible for her well being when involved in his antics.

Wet Hot Supernatural Summer

Leanna, Phoebe, Noah, and Rayan meet with the assembled other beasts already waiting for them:

Donna: Rayan’s oldest beast friend and newly declared broodmate.
Gustav: Ricky’s bodyguard and overall tool.
Rebecca: Ricky’s seductive secretary and Donna’s surrogate older sister
Artorias: Host with money. Lots of Money.

Artorias speaks to them both about the real reason for the trip – to hunt his broodmate sister who had since participated in what the Beasts called “The Retreat”. Her human body was killed, and the horror now roams freely in the primordial dream and other realms, feeding off of the nightmares of humans and (possibly) other denizens of the astral plane.

He also reveals his intention to eventually confront and kill Ricky, stating he is a direct danger to Donna.

They settle in and do various things* until the evening, when the two kindred (and companion ghoul) awaken to the sound of dinner being served.

*perhaps to be text RP’d at a later point

During dinner there are quick introductions and brief discussion on the hunt. Afterwards, some of the campers decide to visit the wild as Noah takes Rayan, Mort, Sina, and James on a safari in the Ontario Outback. He takes a new form – a primal, bear like shape merges with the chain and lantern of the ghostly apparition they had seen before. He finds a deer. They decide to hunt it, and It loses. Mort feasts (well, so does Noah and so does Rayan, ever the voyeur).

Well sated, they return to the cabin to plan their next steps, each with their own goals in mind.

Rufus's Raid and Artorias' Reasons

Sina, James, and Mort arrive at Artorias’ camping compound and have an opportunity to tour the place and speak with their host. Artorias reveals his intention on the trip – he wants to hunt down his old mentor. Oh. He also wants to kill Ricky. Artorias has set up coffins in the lower level for them, which they two kindred move to the ritual room and library respectively. Sina makes Artorias cry.

Earlier, Noah and Rayan try to meet with Rufus, the Mage contact Lisa gave. While looking for him they find Tina, who has been waiting for over an hour with a document in a strange language that needs to be translated. Rufus’ phone is there, and he is unresponsive.

Eventually, they discover Rufus has been doin’ raids in some sort of game. He is happy to discuss some of the philosophical theories about the God Machine to Noah, suggesting the two murderbots are likely recharging somewhere. They believe the sparkplug might help adapt soul energy to power for the machines, and wonder if the technology can further his research on converting magic to more mundane power.


Ready for the vacation, Gilbert picks up Rayan, Phoebe, Noah, and Leanna. In the car the meet and great quickly goes awry as Leanna identifies Rayan to be a monster and he has no clear defense or response. Leanna and Phoebe get along well enough. The four arrive at the campground and get ready to meet with the assembled guests….

Preparing for Artorias

That night, SIna investigates the mysterious sineater girl, identified as Leanna Walker. She is being controlled by her geist like a puppet, so the group decides more research is needed.

Now starving, Rayan and Sina hunt down John Buckner and make him pay for accusing another – again. The plan is somewhat complicated so Sina and Rayan have an opportunity to talk about Kindred while they wait for him to arrive at the hospital. The night ends with Rayan merging worlds and revealing his horror to both Sina and John. What becomes of John is left unclear (but obviously known to Sina and Rayan)

The next two days involve preparation for Artorias’ Camping Trip.

Noah looks for some herbs to help combat Oliver’s powers if they have trouble at the zoo in the future with little success.

Rayan and Phoebe go shopping for a New TV and camping clothes for Phoebe. While there, they run in to Leanna looking to purchase a shovel. Rayan calls Noah, but follows along to keep an eye on her, resulting in him being accused of stalking the girl. He nearly gets Artorias and Ricky involved when Leanna temporarily comes to her senses and leaves. Rayan refuses the discount.

Noah arrives and joins the chase. Leanna leaves a Homonculous Egg beneath a dumpster, and uses it to catch her scent. The three follow her to the waterside where Noah encounters the Geist, temporarily weakening it and taking Leanna under his wing. It is revealed the Geist has been putting eggs around the city for an unknown purpose, and Noah means to help Leanna balance their new existence as well as determine what the Geist wants. She will also join the camping adventure.

Artorias calls Mort, asking him to also join the trip. The two are quite the odd couple and would make fantastic roommates. More or less on loan from his sire, Mort agrees to the trip.

Rayan speaks with Elle who refuses to let him help her in her work. She does give him some basic information on the members of the consilium so that he can prep for his presentation with them.

Noah and Rayan presumably meet with Rufus (not actually done yet, but chronologically would happen here). Also Rayan gives Lisa the book she was looking for, but does not yet have an opportunity to discuss what she’s really after further.

The Red (with black stripes and “bloodsuckers written on it”) Limo arrives and picks up Sina and her Ghoul, James. A short drive later at a nearby bus stop they pick up Mort, and the Kindred Krewe is now ready for camping.

Sunnybrook, Park Lawn and the Dead Room

…Still at the hospital.

Rayan meets with a burn victim Arika and helps her with physical therapy while her husband is away. He is distracted, certainly sidestepping (if not outright being deceptive) about what he’s been doing while at the same time looking for advice and input.

Noah investigates Dr. Flanders mention of a sin-eater on the fourth floor and discovers a girl haunted by her Geist. When he attempts to communicate, the Geist starts chanting the old nursery rhyme “Ring around the Rosie”, causing the girls condition to deteriorate.

Sina attemps to locate Dr. Castle and learns she’s in the psychiatry department but currently unavailable. She does get her contact number to make a later appointment.

Together again, the group make plans. Now understanding some level of danger Noah is in, they decide more investigation is needed on these ghost eating machines. On the radio they hear there has been a murder outside the kebab factory that left a message in blood in response to Lydia’s death. Needing to send a message to the other sin-eaters and deciding to check to see if Roberta might have seen the cultists pass by, they stop at the cemetery – discovering many of the ghosts had been murdered.

Assuming this to be a trap for Noah by Bait and Hound due to the witness accounts of some of the few remaining ghosts, Noah leaves a message for the other Sin Eaters warning of the danger. The three proceed to the Deadroom.

In the Deadroom they attempt to research the God Machine, but Lisa suggests it is scifi and outside their collection. She gives Rayan the number to Rufus, another mage who specializes in technology, and a meeting is set up for Monday night. Lisa also asks Rayan if he has made any progress on the strange book, and asks him to recover another occult text for her to discuss with him over coffee at a later date.

Noah also tries in vain to discover if there is a way to quiet the geist around the girl at the hospital, but without additional information little progress can be made. They decide to go back to the hospital with hopes of finding her name and more about her story.

While the the deadroom, the group bump in to Omar Tahlm who introduces himself to Noah and greets Sina. Omar and Rayan ignore each other, but Rayan, who was already ancy, appears even more agitated. As they prepare to leave Sina warns him of letting his hunger get the best of him, and he says he has it under control and plans to take care of it that night – inviting her.

The group returns to the hospital and Sina prepares to enter hoping to find the name and medical chart of the young woman.

Adventures at Sunnybrook and District 33.

After the mall experience , Sina and Noah talk regarding their experience with Ricky and come to a better understanding of each other and their burgeoning friendship. Noah invites Sina for a small errand and she experiences Noah’s job at the zoo (and an encounter with another Hyena that works there), as well as his own ‘lair’ of sorts – a large pit in a forgotten section of the zoo that houses many dead bodies. The encounter with Oliver the Beast/Hyena is tense, but is ultimately defused safely.

Meanwhile, Kathi calls Rayan and they discuss some of the findings at the cemetery. Despite his interest in going over the things they had found, Kathi is ‘busy’ that night, instead insisting on seeing his lair. She does, however, have some news – the following week Rayan has an audience with the local Consilium.

Kathi does provide Elle’s contact information at Rayan’s request, and he bumblingly leaves both voice and text messages, but does not receive a reply. After some people watching (and touching for potential later targets of hunger) he returns home to Phoebe.

Noah and Sina adventure to Sunnybrook as Noah continues to feel uneasy about this mysterious doctor. With Sina as a lookout, Noah reveals a particularly morbid ability – he hangs himself in order to astral project and explore Dr. Flanders office. The office is empty, but he does spy a mysterious folder labeled T.R.A.P.

Rayan returns home to find it a disaster. He continues to push Phoebe that what others think is not important, and what she needs to do is find her own truth. He begins the long process of cleaning.

Sina and Noah arrive at Rayan’s apartment, where Noah meets Phoebe and they all (minus Noah) continue to clean and asses the damage. Rayan remains disinterested in the damage, and is much more interested in making sure Phoebe is comfortable. Together they discuss their options, with Sina revealing she has powers of divination. Through this, they discover that Dr. Flanders does not mean Noah harm. Noah resolves to meet him later in the evening, at the same time Sina and Rayan will be in the hospital for other reasons.

The file on Edwin reveals he is in jail for murder, so the next day Rayan, Donna, and Artorias visit the police station where he is being held. They see the private detective Derrick in passing, who vanishes shortly after leaving the building. While attempting to see Edwin, the group instead encounters police chief James Gilmore – who almost immediately reveals himself to be a fallen angel of God. Edwin has confessed to the crime, and GIlmore seeks justice. He knows the system to be corrupt so intends to recreate the world with his image of justice – and is willing to release Edwin if Rayan kills another killer – a human homeless man named Joseph Moon. Without any direction on where to find the man, he is given one week – after which Edwin will be dealt with “justly”. Additionally, he reveals a note found on Stanley Ward, the same ‘hero’ that Rayan originally encountered when he was born.

Artorias and Donna visit Edwin and realize he’s going to have trouble feeding and begin to make plans. Donna is shocked that Edwin committed the crime, but Artorias points out it is part of the nature of beastdom.

With the clock ticking, the three proceed to the Deadroom where they ask Lisa’s assistance in finding the murderhobo joe. She says it will take a few days, but is happy to help.

Later, at the hospital:

Noah meets with Dr. Flanders, who claims to be manufactured in service of a grand machine. He has gone AWOL and is on the run, and two other manufactured ‘angels’ of the machine are potentially looking for him. Flanders enlists Noah’s aid in finding these two, explaining the machine itself is powered by the souls of the dead. He also reveals another SIn Eater is in the hospital on the fourth floor – one who is suicidal.

Sina comes to the hospital to check on Michael and encounters a mysterious being named Aiden. He seems to know much about things happening and revealing insight on those Sina already knows. She checks on Michael who is still distraught at his condition, but also discovers another Beast -Megan – watching over her daughter who is in a coma and suffering severe nightmares. She speaks of a Doctor Chambers somewhere in the hospital who is capable of performing miracles – perhaps even able to give Michael his limbs back.

Heeeere's Ricky!

The night leads to adventure when Sina and Rayan attempt to feed and instead encounter Phoebe, a mysterious girl with an aura that makes people disgusted by her – after stopping a man from beating her, they take her to a nearby diner where she eventually reveals her ability to shapeshift. She is very interested in being liked, and does not know why she is always rejected. Rayan convinces her to stay at his apartment until they can figure out a more permanent arrangement.

The next evening at the mall, Rayan, Sina, and Noah meet Donna and Artorias at a mexican restaurant. Afterwards they explore the mall – purchasing a cell phone for Sina and some clothing for Donna. Rayan also gets some clothes for Phoebe.

While in the mall, Sina encounters Thomas – a vampire preaching to some people at the mall, and shortly thereafter Noah encounters a mysterious man named Ted Flanders, a doctor at Sunnybrook Hospital interested in speaking with him further. After the encounter, Noah feels he is being watched.

While purchasing a phone, Sina also has an unusual encounter with Friedrich. He seemly sniffs her out despite how easily she is often overlooked and they exchange information.

Later, the group is invited up to meet with Ricky – head of the Beast Group known as the collectors. He has a chief of security that almost immediately does – something – causing them all to feel small and cramped, setting the meeting off on a decidedly wrong foot.

The meeting is further thrown in disarray when Ricky almost instantly badmouths Sina, causing her to leave. Noah and Rayan also seem ready to leave, but the lure of actual information is enough to keep Rayan there. Still rebellious, he instead offers to form a Brood with Donna in front of her father, and he gives a very fiery ‘blessing’. With new information on the location of Edwin Newt (Jail) and a Beast link to Cheiron (A Hyena named Patrick Dobbe), the crew leave with a bad taste in their mouths, but new directions for the future….

Catacombs of Toronto (Part I and II)

Following dropping off the car, Noah, Rayan and Delilah have a quiet ride and return to Typo. While on the way, Rayan makes plans to meet with the mage Kathi Chance regarding the mysterious ritual murders beneath the graveyard.

She agrees to meet at a starbucks near Typo, but insists on inviting her friend, another mage named Elle.

Rayan implores Kathi and Elle to aid him in his efforts to unite supernatural beings across the city. His success is limited, with Kathi seemingly sympathetic but unable to commit to much. Elle – an arbiter of problems within the Mage community – remains a bit more reserved about the idea in general despite Rayan’s pleas that they could help each other.

Ultimately he offers to update the women with his progress in the investigation of the cult and they agree to petition to get him a meeting with the higher ranking officials of the mage community of Toronto.

The group returns to the cemetery and discover an unusual man – a private detective named Derrick Weaver. He claims to be a precog and announces to the pair that the mausoleum entrance will not open again that night.

Taking this as a challenge, Noah and Rayan set out to prove him wrong, enlisting the help of Kindred Sina and her contacts at an occult shop. Together they gather the ingredients, and open the catacombs. This time they find a secret passageway from the ritual chamber leading further down beneath the graveyard…


Within the catacombs, the three encounter a number of puzzles as they pass through a large complex. They find many books in library to investigate later as well as numerous secrets and traps. Eventually they find an experimentation room where Michael remains a prisoner in a sorry state, his arms and legs having been removed, the tortured torso relaxes due to Sina’s influence, and with Michael in tow the three attempt to find the way out of the dungeon.

Strange noises lead to creatures feasting on the flesh of unfortunate victims. Rayan, Noah, and Sina travel through the darkness to avoid the creatures, but they are alerted at the last second. The group barricade a door with the monsters within.

Shortly thereafter they find a chapel with a sacrificial alter. Additionally, Sina hears chanting from beyond another door. An attempt to distract whomever was chanting with the monsters instead leaves them face to face with not just the monsters, but Lydia – a woman keeping the creatures as pets. Refusing to negotiate with the group, Lydia and her pets are destroyed and the group escapes the catacombs.

Meanwhile, Artorias meets with RIcky, Donna’s father. As an associate of the collectors, he asks that he look after his beloved daughter and meet with her new friends the following night.

The least safe cemetery in Toronto

While on the way to the Park Lawn Cemetery, Noah gives some exasperated advice to Rayan: his apparent trusting nature makes him appear green and potentially weak – leading to getting taken advantage of by more powerful beings, and his death if not careful.

Rayan response is curiously noncommittal, but acknowledges that perceptions matter and that he should make some sort of change for future interactions.

After picking up some Rum, the three proceed to the Cemetery. Rayan clearly focused on finding Abigails’ grave, and moves swiftly towards the back where people would most likely be buried around ten years ago.

They pass a mysterious black cat by a statue that seems interested in Noah, following him around. Rayan notes Erasmus standing by a grave but ignores him. They find the grave, but it has not been kept up particularly well, now covered in weeds. Noah spies a nearby ghost and asks Rayan to distract the man beside it so that he can ask for more information.

Rayan meets with Brian and offers to talk to him about his sadness. His mother is ill and he just lost his girlfriend Roberta to an accident at a construction site – she was without her helmet and a huge pile of bricks fell on her. Rayan seems to think the liability may ultimately lead to something that might help her mother, but is relieved when a nearby elderly couple overhear and decide to take over with consoling the man.

Meanwhile, Noah speaks with the ghost of Roberta who confirms someone had been to Abby’s grave and acted in a very strange matter – mumbling to himself and then leaving with a smile on his face. She thinks he was there not long ago, and he drives a green van which might still be outside.

Noah agrees to send a message to Brian once Roberta can think of what she’d like to say so that he knows the message is truly for her, and in return will continue to watch the site. She also mentions some odd activity at the nearby mausoleum. Noah thanks her for the information and does some investigating, still followed by the peculiar cat which has the nametag Ebony.

He comes across several youths desecrating a grave in the middle of the afternoon. His Geist starts to take form, and the ethereal creature easily scares off the kids, who jump the fence. Rayan returns from the conversation with Brian, and Noah explains that Kevin might still be around and that there is potentially something suspicious going on with Kevin. They split up to search the cemetery for him. Rayan asks if Noah has a way to bring Abigail to this world, and he is uncertain – Noah suggests just finding Kevin for now.

While Rayan goes towards the lot to find the van, Noah explores the rest of the cemetery with Ebony, which appears to be leading him around. At the mausoleum he discovers four riddles with offerings. With the cat’s help, he completes the riddles, the final one resulting in the mysterious and instant death of the cat (it being the solution to the riddle). A passageway opens.

Rayan finds the green van still outside, and someone is sitting inside. He asks if it is Kevin, and is lied to. Clearly impatient, he does something drastic – a bang on the window turns into a smashed window with Rayan inside the van. A woman, Kathi, who seems to be a bit of a hippie that had been conversing with spirits in the graveyard notices and approaches. Rayan waves her off insisting that Kevin is simply sick and that he would take care of him. She backs off.

When Kevin Acula continues to lie about his identity, Rayan’s tolerance is gone completely and he inflicts a terrifying vision to Kevin – The world around him crumbles with all aspects of civilization rusting away, eaten by massive black worms that eat through his car seat, window, and the world outside, making him sick and poisoned as the things squirm and slide around him, eventually starting to devour him as well as the rest of the world. He panics, but Rayan does not relent – a touch revealing his eyes to be mirrors to Kevin’s greatest unspoken fear. The image is so horrifying that he injures himself to not see anymore. Kevin reveals that he murdered Abigail in order to get her money, as she was from a wealthy family. He had already been cheating on her at the time.

Deciding that it is time Kevin and Abigail spoke after all this time, he opens a pathway to his realm of mirrors and darkness, dragging Kevin behind him. Rayan presents her to Abigail, insisting that he reveal the truth of what has happened. Ultimately, he does and is swiftly killed by Abigail, who fades away.

Rayan returns and is confronted by Kathi. Although she cannot identify what he is, she is sure something happened and Rayan is clearly not what he appears to be. Rayan insists that he did not kill Kevin, but he got what he ultimately deserved. She offers her silence in exchange for Rayan to take her to wherever he just was – and he declines. Instead, he offers to take her number and give an opportunity to talk later and see where the conversation leads – offering at least the possibility of taking her there in the future. She reveals herself to be a mage of the Mysterium. She says Omar is likely a ‘guardian of the veil’ who will keep secrets even if it means people must die, and while there are secrets that should be kept she has a much more open view. In a future conversation, they could perhaps share some information, and she thinks she could even tell him something about the Cheiron Group. She explains she comes to this place to help put some of the restless spirits at ease, offering companionship where there is none, and Rayan finds a weird kinship with her due to his experience with burn victims in the hospital. He offers his number earnestly, and decides he really looks forward to their cup of coffee. (she insists it need not be coffee, alternately suggesting smoking a bowl or something). She finally asks him to please move the van because if something did happen to Kevin, the police might come and that would be very disruptive to the spirits. Rayan promises that he will.

Noah has solved the puzzle and Rayan arrives just in time to go in with him. He nonchalantly admits that the Kevin Acula situation has now been handled and that Abigail faded away after they saw each other (meaning she was never able to fulfill her end of the bargain, but oh well). Together they find a large, natural cavern marred with blood – dried yet recent. They follow a path and find more blood as well as a statue to Abaddon, and ultimately a sacrificial chamber with several dead bodies. Noah retrieves a german pamplet, and the two agree to investigate further, neither deposing the bodies nor notifying the police – yet.

As one final favor, Rayan asks Noah to drive his car with Delilah and follow him as he moves the van. Rayan drives to the same warehouse where the others died/were rescued, and after writing a few words on a paper, leaves it parked outside in plain view, returning to his car with Noah and departing the scene.


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