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Ravenous Nightmares

A map of Toronto with some relevant locations


A Timeline of the events so far

Status of various plans and objectives

COD Abilities Compendium

Story Themes of the Supernatural

Important Notes or Documents
A section for Important Notes & Documents

Rp Related Memes
For a folder to have all of the dankest RP related memes and memories :3 .
Tales of the Beast

(Let’s put our individual vignettes and character stories here!)

Sina’s Life Stories – Meeting Aheru
Sina’s fateful encounter that changes everything.

Becoming Aheru’s – James’ Story

James gets more than he bargains for when he searches for an Alexandrian relic in the New World.

The First Day Back (Part I)
Rayan returns to work for the first time after his change.

Rayan finally takes Sina out to Dinner.

Noah tells his favorite campfire ghost story – a short story that Noah would tell around the camp fire. He seems oddly attached to the story for reasons other than fondness…

Noah’s last dream – the story of the nightmare that made Noah Mack.

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