Notes Or Documents

Mysterious Note:

“Your normal lives have ended. I’m not going to tell you who I am, but I am the reason you are no longer human. Fight if you want, but you’re better off embracing the inevitable.

Why have I done this?

Don’t make me laugh. If you want answers, come find me, if you can.
I’m busy, so I’ll keep it short and tell you this: You’ll need to discover the truth of what you are. Explore your new life – and keep your wits about you. It’s easy to die.

Until later,


Strange German Manuscript:

It is written in German and we are unsure of its contents. A strange picture can be seen on its cover:


Shabaka, the Mysterious Book

A strange Egyptian book that Rayan found in the Dead Room. On the spine of the book is a large eye that moves around accordingly, almost as if it is alive. The book itself is blank but the book itself is made with care.

Notes of Importance:

Cane – Step, Step, Tap. What is the significance of the cane?

Palace – Palace…I remember a Palace…

Tut – Tut…Do I know him?


Notes Or Documents

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