Tuesday June 9th 2015 – The First Day the PCs awoke, captured by a group of strange Hunters.

Thursday June 11th – The PCs were freed by the Stone Administration. An interesting clue was found on one of the Hero’s bodies; a mysterious note.

Saturday June 13th – Meeting with Zachary and the awakening of the Beasts within them.

Thursday June 25th – Events at the Piston. Captured by Cheiron Inc. Escaped with various Supernatural.

Friday June 26th – Going to the Dead Room and recieving a strange book. Meeting Noah. Helping Abby come to peace. Uncovering strange bloody crypt under Park Dawn Cemetery.

Explore Bloody Crypt, Strange cult of Azrael is found along with Lydia and a victim of the violence, Michael.

Saturday June 27th
Meeting Phoebe & offers to live with Rayan. Meet Collectors. Meet Dr. Flander, Friedrich, Thomas, Artorias

Sunday June 28th -
Meet Oliver, Explore Sunnybrook; Dr Flanders mentions God Machine, Leanna is encountered with Geist. Dr Castles is mentioned by Megan Glass. Chief Gilmore is introduced and makes a deal with Rayan for Edwin Newt that ends July 5th. Finds Leanna’s Name Out.

Monday June 29th
Rayan Exams w/ Patrick & Warren. Sina Store w/ Will & Friedrich. Noah Zoo w/ Oliver. Rufus meeting in the evening.

Tuesday June 30th
Rayan goes shopping w/ Phoebe. Noah disables Leanna’s Geist. Sina meets Mort and heads to Artorias Cabin w/ him.

Wednesday July 1st, Canada Day
Leanna, Phoebe, Noah & Rayan go to Artorias’ Lodge.
During the afternoon; Rayan speaks with Phoebe and Noah mentors Leanna. Dinner takes place and introductions are exchanged. During the evening, the PCs go on a hunt for a deer. Rayan and Sina encounter Derrick and make a deal. Mort hunts Rebecca. Noah speaks with Mort.

Thursday July 2nd
Sina and Leanna go on a midnight walk.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday July 4th – Consilium Meeting with Rayan.
Sunday July 5th – Rayan’s deadline with Gilmore.
Wednesday August 5th – Audrey’s Election Day


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