Ravenous Nightmares

Rufus's Raid and Artorias' Reasons

Sina, James, and Mort arrive at Artorias’ camping compound and have an opportunity to tour the place and speak with their host. Artorias reveals his intention on the trip – he wants to hunt down his old mentor. Oh. He also wants to kill Ricky. Artorias has set up coffins in the lower level for them, which they two kindred move to the ritual room and library respectively. Sina makes Artorias cry.

Earlier, Noah and Rayan try to meet with Rufus, the Mage contact Lisa gave. While looking for him they find Tina, who has been waiting for over an hour with a document in a strange language that needs to be translated. Rufus’ phone is there, and he is unresponsive.

Eventually, they discover Rufus has been doin’ raids in some sort of game. He is happy to discuss some of the philosophical theories about the God Machine to Noah, suggesting the two murderbots are likely recharging somewhere. They believe the sparkplug might help adapt soul energy to power for the machines, and wonder if the technology can further his research on converting magic to more mundane power.


Ready for the vacation, Gilbert picks up Rayan, Phoebe, Noah, and Leanna. In the car the meet and great quickly goes awry as Leanna identifies Rayan to be a monster and he has no clear defense or response. Leanna and Phoebe get along well enough. The four arrive at the campground and get ready to meet with the assembled guests….



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