Ravenous Nightmares

Ring, Leanna, and the kebab stakeout.

Rayan’s lair was dark, corrupted version of a hospital in their real world. He had vanished as he melded with his horror, so the group was forced to alone confront illusionary images of those important in their lives. Due to his protection, the beings largely ignored them but remained unsettling. A vision of Rayan appeared – the voice coming from a different place – and suggested they leave quickly. A new gate was opened, and the group found themselves in front of the Eaton Center.

Donna immediately declared she wanted to go home and they let her after she agreed to call later.

Before leaving the Eaton Center, the typically jovial kindred Mort Confronted Rayne dropping the fool’s mask and revealing the animal within. He asked about the nature of the place; whether the shadows inside reflected what the chamber knew of the viewer or what the visitor projected onto them. Rayne in his diplomatic self gave an assuring answer and the matter was dropped.

The group decided to continue with what they had planned – dealing with Ring once and for all. Rayan contacted the mage Kathi Chance who had experience with spirits, and Noah set up an experience in the hyde park woods with the intention of intimidating Ring when he manifested.

Confronted, Ring had no choice but to form an agreement with Leanna and share control. relieved, she returned home to her family.

The others decided to check out the kebab factory after parting ways with Kathi, who promised to ask Elle to this date thing on Rayan’s behalf.



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