Ravenous Nightmares

The beginning...

It all has to start somewhere.

We awoke bound and blindfolded on a school bus and led to a warehouse district of Toronto.

The surly man with ginger hair and what amounted to a heavily armed militia led us down in to a sort of bunker where we were separated in cells. The cells had evidence they had been used before, and there was a lot of blood. They were kept there for nearly a day.

Rayan was taken to the sickbay for his injuries – the men claimed they had nothing to do with it.

Sadie tried to comfort Jaclyn while making efforts for her escape, suggesting they were on a date with the two older men and were caught up in something they did not understand. They did receive some sympathy from Brett, but he was unable to free them.

Roy was interrogated and easy batted aside the accusations of the militant, causing him to question his cause. The success was limited, and he more sure than ever that their inevitable doom was at hand.

Sadie was interrogated as well and proclaimed her innocence under the attempts of the militia to divide and conquer.

Rayan was told that Roy was the monster, and he suggested that the men who had kidnapped them were monsters. Apparently talking back to man with big machete was not a great idea – he got stabbed.

Gunfire erupted and Sadie and Jaclyn were rescued by Erasmus and Omar. A timid woman named Tina rescued Roy, and Audrey Stone, conservative candidate for mayor of Toronto came in the interrogation room just in time to throw around Stanley and rescue Rayan.

Upon escape, Roy called the police while Rayan asked for medical assistance. Sadie chose to leave with their liberators, and the others headed to the hospital.



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