Ravenous Nightmares

Wet Hot Supernatural Summer

Leanna, Phoebe, Noah, and Rayan meet with the assembled other beasts already waiting for them:

Donna: Rayan’s oldest beast friend and newly declared broodmate.
Gustav: Ricky’s bodyguard and overall tool.
Rebecca: Ricky’s seductive secretary and Donna’s surrogate older sister
Artorias: Host with money. Lots of Money.

Artorias speaks to them both about the real reason for the trip – to hunt his broodmate sister who had since participated in what the Beasts called “The Retreat”. Her human body was killed, and the horror now roams freely in the primordial dream and other realms, feeding off of the nightmares of humans and (possibly) other denizens of the astral plane.

He also reveals his intention to eventually confront and kill Ricky, stating he is a direct danger to Donna.

They settle in and do various things* until the evening, when the two kindred (and companion ghoul) awaken to the sound of dinner being served.

*perhaps to be text RP’d at a later point

During dinner there are quick introductions and brief discussion on the hunt. Afterwards, some of the campers decide to visit the wild as Noah takes Rayan, Mort, Sina, and James on a safari in the Ontario Outback. He takes a new form – a primal, bear like shape merges with the chain and lantern of the ghostly apparition they had seen before. He finds a deer. They decide to hunt it, and It loses. Mort feasts (well, so does Noah and so does Rayan, ever the voyeur).

Well sated, they return to the cabin to plan their next steps, each with their own goals in mind.



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