Current Mysteries (Cleaning Up: 10/7/16)


Rayan continues to attempt to locate the toxicologist known as “Cinderella”.

Deliliah is wanted by Cheiron as the ‘terrorist’ behind the recent problems they have experienced. UPDATE 8/24/16 She is with Nikali and the Society, they are presumably protecting her and do not require our assistance.

A member of the Hyenas, a beast, Patrick Dobbe has been working with Cheiron. Ricky gave us information on where to find him.

Dobbe goes to the university under an alias (or Dobbe is an alias). Despite seeing Rayan, he made no recognition of his supernatural status. Rayan is somewhat concerned this is how cheiron has been scoping out victims, and it explains how so many people associated with the university were grabbed.

Y has indicated that VACUS knows about Cheiron but has trouble getting evidence. he mentioned another agent, X.

Stone Administration

Erasmus was looking at a specific grave.

Ricky asked Artorias to bring a package to Vanessa with T. Harris. Another bribe?

The Machine Men 8/24/16

The doctor at the hospital, may have done something ‘weird’ to Noah. UPDATE 8/24/16 Dr Flanders is a rogue machine created by an entity known as the God Machine. It is hunting sin eaters as it uses souls as some sort of fuel.

Two other machines, Bait and Hound, have killed numerous ghosts at the Park Lawn Cemetery – potentially as a trap for Noah.

Rufus (a cyber mage located at an internet cafe) discussed the philosophy of the God Machine as well as mentioned a powerful machine responsible for building the astral ladder of the mages of Atlantis. Rayan wonders if they are connected. Sina has seen a rusty old factory where the two robowarriors rest. Rufus has been asked to find out more.

The Seers of the Throne

A dead mage has been discovered Elle suggested this was the responsibility of another group of mages, and that the ‘seers of the throne’ involvement was only suspected. She more or less said he was inexperienced, and that they would handle it.~ Update 10/7/16 Elle was murdered as well by these ‘seers’. Kathi wants the mages to take care of it.

UPDATE: Rayan was given the location of the offices of the Consilium and told by Omar he could plead to get information or involvement – so far he has decided it was better to research without them.


Weird Book from The Deadroom with Shebaka trapped within – now in the posession of James.

Two young boys have gone missing

A woman in the hospital has her daughter in a coma. She hopes that Dr. Castle has the answer to her daughters problem.

Kindred priest at the mall? Thomas, the Kindred Priest, gave Sina his card with an address and invited her to one of their services.

Will Jeffries is interested in contacting spirits, particularly that of his dead mother; has contact information for Sina @ Nepthys’ Garden.


Mage – Martin Landro – operates at the university. Not yet met.
Mage – Kurotsuki – Black Moon (investigator in the Seers of the Throne case)

Warren Morrison – interested in helping with this issue. a Promethean operating out of the university UPDATE 8/30/16 Willing to help, he has marked a book for Rayan to serve as an alarm of supernatural beings for the area. UPDATE: He wants a meeting with Phoebe, and vice versa.

Derrick Weaver: He’s some sort of private detective who steps through portals and claims he can tell the future (but he does it poorly).

Current Desires/Requests (last updated 8/10/16)


- Figure out if the machine men were hurt at the graveyard again and if so, find any clue as to how or why.
- Come up with some sort of Trap to Lure Bait and hound into.
- Do recon on the Hyena’s (and do some off screen prep work in case he needs to take Oliver down – probably off screen)
- Invest in the local shipping industry and get the groups foot in the door for further expansion.
Ask Sina and Mort about Nikali, mention the ‘ghoul’ and that she had an encounter with the Hunter corporation.


- Check on James’ healing.

- Meet with Noah et al to solidify next steps for the GodMachines issue.

-Continue to try to find new information about Mort’s relationship with Dewitt.

- Figure out how to take sustenance from Beasts/feed from a Beast.

Pending/Current situations:

  • “What will happen if Rayan kills for the Police Chief?” UPDATE: Image of Rayan injured, bloody, and clearly suffering. UPDATE 2: Told Rayan about the divination; Derrick showed up, made a deal to find the location of a priest in exchange for keeping police chief calm when Moon isn’t killed & Edwin is released. UPDATE: Edwin released, expecting to have to pay up to Derrick soon.
  • “Where do Bait and Hound live?” UPDATE 2: Told Noah about successful attempt: factory, machines charging. UPDATE: Rufus has provided Noah with a probably exact location.


- Collect and distribute the group’s money from Y, et al.

- Learn more about Noah and his powers involving the Underworld: Could he take James there? Would it be possible to meet and interview historical figures?

- Convince Rayan to allow James to care for Shebaka. – DONE: Build a relationship with Shebaka; visit with him regularly.


IMMEDIATE ASPIRATION: SPEAK WITH THE CURATOR OF THE LIBRARYGET A LIBRARY CARD? See how feasible it is to gain access to the knowledge.


1) RESPOND TO CHEIRON (fuckwits hunting supernatuarals)


3) Explore the Supernatural Dream library with Lisa for Forbidden Knowledge

HIGH – Find Cinderella

MEDIUM – Question Patrick Dobbe about Cheiron.

MEDIUM – Decide if it’s viable contacting the receptionist for Seers info, or if it is best to work outside their system completely.

LOW -Keep an eye out for a Supernatural Fallen Angel pretending to be a priest.

MEDIUM -Learn more about the Retreat and other Beast inheritance.

HIGH – Explore the Supernatural Dream Library with Lisa for Forbidden Knowledge… now that’s a first date.

LOW – Eventually set up a dinner with Warren and Phoebe. (Soon)

MEDIUM – What is a Mekhet, What is a Mort? A study in Vampire Families.

MEDIUM – Ask Noah if we should begin an investigation on bait and hound. have we found any further evidence of them actually killing any sineaters?


Research Dewitt’s map address
Touch Base. Help out with the angel problem?

-Map out the Political Landscape
Update09/06/2016 Art has agreed to give some contacts to Mort in exchange for his earnest help in confronting his former friend.
Update 10/5/2016 FCK Everything Burning. well Maybe I can follow up with this Ricky or Becca? Maybe Following these other folks will drop something eventually.
Update 10/09/2016 Sponsored into Elysium Don’t fuck it up
Update 01/17/2017 Half suc. Invitus Prima control the docks. Minor Rival barman IDed. Den address IDed

-HUNT Rebecka update09/13/2016 Got hunted. but also got Lady’s Favor. Pirate Bandanna

-Get Spider Silk Update 10/5/2016 Got Silk must now find a craftsman Update 01/17/2017 Thaddeus has agreed to research silk

-Do this :: http://pa1.narvii.com/6127/fe3e8fccb1aa7b065e55c124f530c1eaf6bb9a8f_hq.gif

-Shopping list :: German translation – Campus? / Fire Axe – HardwareStore / Bleach – Grocery Store / Stun baton – ???


-h4. The Case of Edwin Newt -

Edwin is currently in jail held for murder – ultimately because he could not control his hungry (perhaps due to the pomp and circumstance with delays of explanation. The police chief, James Gilmore, is some sort of fallen angel interested in becoming a Tyrant of Order with his own vision of Justice. He will release Edwin in exchange for the death of a human killer – a homeless man named Joseph Moon.

Artorias Eboncross is using his legal firm to find a food source for Edwin as well as get him off by way of trial if possible, likely inviting the wrath of Gilmore. Derrick is going to talk Gilmore down in exchange for locating another fallen angel posing as a priest. Moon is some sort of nightmare creature that we can ignore.
UPDATE: He’s been freed and reunited with Donna.*

Azrael Cult:

Lydia’s friends are still looking for victims. Rayan’s message was answered by a bloody corpse outside of the kebab factory. They have since left another body and killed a Kindred (Robert) while waiting for Rayan to make contact.

The german pamplet remains untranslated

The VACUS folks knew where the cult was operating out of – it was a church and being led by some sort of pestilence/gluttony demon. We were hired by them to take care of the issue permanently, and we succeeded. We were paid 35,000 by Y and have her as a potential contact.

UPDATE: The Cult has been eliminated?


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